Coming out....

Why am I coming out?

When I first started Posh Puff five years ago, I was cautioned by my husband not to disclose too much information about myself or our family in fear of identity theft and what not. I had social media accounts but rarely used them. Now, I'm throwing most of my fears out the window. I say most because I really don't want people have access to my financial information and hubbie is good at keeping every piece of electronic equipment we have is highly secured.

I feel like I'm coming out of the social media closet and to kick it off, I've redesigned my website and webstore, and am starting a blog as well as become more active on social media. Be patient with me. It's been a while and I need to learn all that I've missed. My teenager shakes her head at my incompetence all the time.

Why am I coming out? I've always felt disconnected with my online customers because they know so little about me and who I am. Those who come by my house or come out to the craft fairs, get to meet me and talk about what makes my products so special and meaningful to me and how it can work for them.

This is me

First things first. This is me which is not too unlike the image I used these past five years. The character rendition is well done and drawn by my three year old. I love it but I'm coming out so here goes.






About Me

I'm known to be a crazy woman because I usually take on more than I have time for so sleep is a luxury. Besides being a mother to three kids and one having special needs, I also work part-time helping my husband with his consulting business. I have Posh Puff of course. I volunteer at my kids school organizing hot lunch, running fundraisers including a gardening sale, co-sponsoring the student garden club to help with planting of the student garden, and other school events. I volunteer at other non-profits. Our family are sponsors to a Syrian refugee family and we're helping them settle in town with school, jobs and life in general. I also run a team of eight on a weekly basis to provide behavioural therapy to our non-verbal little one with autism. On top of all that, I love to eat, cook, bake, read and travel. Did I mention, I sew and make products that are sold on Posh Puff's web store? Yes, I'm definitely insane! Admitting it is the first step....

The New Posh Puff

All my craziness will now be shared on Posh Puff website and blog. If we come across products we like, I'll do a product review on our blog and/or add them to the store. I will definitely be blogging about all the things that make our lives full. Now that you understand how crazy my life is, please be patient with what we have in inventory and for shipping. If you need something urgently, please email for a quicker response.

Ready? Go!

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