Products and Samples

We are happy to accept products and samples that are relevant to our blog content and/or interests. Anything from parenting, skincare, lifestyle, crafts, toys, food, travel - really, just life in general. All reviews will be my complete honest opinions and not influenced by company or brand.


In addition to running our own giveaways, we may be open to accepting items from other companies or brands. Email me and let’s chat


Any products and samples provided by other companies or brands will be clearly stated in the posts. All my opinions and photos are my own unless stated otherwise. If you would like to use my content or images, please credit and clearly label that it’s from Posh Puff.

This blog is written and edited by me, Annette, the owner of Posh Puff. This blog may contain content which might present a conflict of interest or may not be helpful to everyone. All information and content shared with the knowledge that it’s what I experience and may not be applicable to others. Please use the information at your own risk or convenience.

If you like what we have to say and would like to share it, we would appreciate a credit and/or link back to our website or blog post. Thank you!

This policy is valid from 2 November 2018