Introducing Sensory Kids gear for special needs kids, featuring lycra cuddle swing

Posh Puff is thrilled to add to our collection of products! We’re introducing Sensory Kids gear for special needs kids. We offer therapeutic aids for deep pressure, tactile learning, vestibular and proprioceptive input, and sensory integration. Our sensory products include therapy cuddle swings, body socks, sensory retreat play tents, felt memory/matching games, ChewBling chewable jewelry, and more.

therapyswing-2We use upcycled materials and/or discounted fabrics that have been discontinued or in the colours that are not preferred by others. The colour options are very limited for our Sensory Kids gear. Sensory Kids is about therapy not fashion. This is how we’re able to offer the best prices in the market. Our uniquely designed products are made in Canada.

Our fave is the therapy cuddle swing which helps children with sensory processing disorder (SPD) feel calm and regulated. The cuddle swing is also a fun space for kids to swing, spin, bounce, stretch or relax in. While sitting or standing in the swing in the form of a raindrop, kids receive deep pressure input and feel like they’re getting a huge bear hug. The stretchy lycra fabric encourages movement and exercise – kids can stretch out and move around inside the swing learning body awareness, balance, motor planning and spatial skills.

When used as a swing, children receive vestibular and proprioceptive input from the forward / backward and rotational motions to help with sensory integration. The therapy cuddle swing can also open up and used like a hammock. therapyswing-4Sensory Kids have designed this swing to be portable and can even be used at community playgrounds (hook onto swing sets or monkey bars).

Our cuddle swing come with integrated loop for hanging on a rope (rope & hooks not included). Or buy our therapy cuddle swing as a KIT which includes the swing, rope and 2 hooks – everything you need. The cuddle swings comes in 2 sizes and in your choice of lime, green or light green colours.

Working Load (small): 80 lbs
Size (small): 50 x 32 inches
Working Load (large): 150 lbs
Size (large): 60 x 40 inches

Material: four-way stretch lycra
Care: machine washable, hang dry
Colours: lime, green and light green

7.5kn = 1686 lbs
24kn = 5395 lbs


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