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  • Comfort Triple Use Massage Body Oil

    Pamper yourself with this massage body oil featuring the warm and gentle spice of cardamom, sweet magnolia and a hint of lavender. Perfect after a shower or bath when you’re getting ready for a night out – this subtle scent will lengthen embraces shared with friends as they draw in your comforting essence.

  • Desire Triple Use Massage Body Oil

    A perfect accessory with that little black dress is this neroli and geranium scented body oil. Use this delicate blend of roses after a shower or bath for petal-soft and deliciously desirable skin. Create passion with every touch and embrace during your romantic dinner or weekend getaway with your spouse.

  • Natural Baby Diaper Cream 100g

    Pull out the big pot! As babies get bigger, they’ll need more diaper cream for their tushies. This 100g bottle of natural diaper cream will last through diaper change after diaper change. Don’t let diaper rashes get your baby cranky and irritable when the perfect solution is right here and PTPA approved!

  • Natural Baby Diaper Cream 50g

    Prevent diaper rashes before they start by using natural organic diaper cream with every diaper change. There’s no zinc oxide in Anointment’s natural baby balm so you don’t have to worry about white stains on baby’s bottom, clothes or cloth diapers. And if you happen to get some cream on yourself, just rub it in as the calendula oils help heal your hands too. PTPA approved!

  • Natural Baby Skin Cream 50g

    This olive oil based soothing skin cream is perfect for baby’s sensitive skin and/or irritations. Rub on baby’s dry scalp (also known as cradle cap) or any dry skin patches. The secret healing ingredient of calendula oils also make this soothing skin cream great on minor cuts, scrapes, burns, bruises, sunburn, bug bites and dry/cracked skin.

  • Natural Belly Butter for Pregnancy 50g

    Don’t accept stretch marks before or after pregnancy. Erase and dull those lines with Anointment’s natural organic belly butter for expecting moms. This sunflower oil based belly butter has cacao and shea butters to fight that stretch marks. Use liberally during pregnancy and just as much directly after labor to help keep your tummy elastic during the shrinkage period after giving birth. A must have for every new mom and the perfect show gift!

  • Natural Organic Nipple Cream 30g

    Celebrate a newborn baby with this organic nipple cream, a perfect shower gift for the expecting mom. The gift of relieve for sore nipples, experienced during the first few weeks of breastfeeding, is essential item for the new mom’s hospital bag. The natural ingredients make this nipple cream safe for baby to consume while providing mom with much needed relieve.

  • Natural Soothing Skin Ointment 100g

    The secret weapon of every mom is a HUGE pot of natural skin cream that will fit every boo boo. This soothing natural skin ointment will relieve dry skin, chapped lips, bug bites, rashes, mild eczema, minor cuts & scrapes, burns, sunburns and bruises whether applied to the face, body, hands, legs or feet. Mommy is the best!

  • Natural Soothing Skin Ointment 50g

    Moms need to be prepared for almost everything and that’s why our purses are full of things. This one pot of natural skin cream will replace your many bottles of lotions for dry skin, itchy skin, cracked and chapped lips, bug bites & rashes, and will even help with mild eczema, minor cuts, scrapes, burns and bruises. You’ll be the superhero saving the day and your purse doesn’t weight a tonne.