What Sensory Gear Offers

Posh Puff is excited to add Sensory Gear to our selection of products. The focus of Sensory Gear is to offer affordable sensory integration gear for special needs persons. We offer therapeutic aids for deep pressure, tactile learning, vestibular and proprioceptive input, oral motor sensory input and fidget products. Sensory Gear products include therapy cuddle swings, body socks, and ChewBling silicone jewelry.


Affordable Sensory Integration Gear

Specialized products for special needs persons are usually expensive especially items such as cuddle swings. Our low prices makes it affordable for all families with sensory needs. We purchase discounted fabrics that have been discontinued or in the colours that are not preferred by others and often from non-profit recycling organizations, thus allowing us to give you the lowest prices in the market. We’re not trying to make a fashion statement. Sensory Gear is all about therapy: AFFORDABLE sensory integration therapy gear. Our uniquely designed products are made in Canada. Sensory Gear is a part of Posh Puff Inc.

Due to limits in fabric, we do not stock much inventory and will often make-to-order. This may mean it will take an extra week or so for you to get your products. Please feel free to help spread the word.


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