Raining Cats & Dogs miniBag

Raining Cats & Dogs miniBag


Raining cats and dogs are fun for kids and adults alike. This reusable mini tote can be washed and is great for everything from shopping, toys, snacks, etc.

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* fun and stylish designs by artists
*reusable shopping bags are eco-friendly
* lightweight with comfort handles so they don’t cut little fingers
* made from 100% certified Oeko-Tex recycled PET (recycled water bottles)
* snap button closure that allows miniBags to fold up nice and compact for storage
* machine washable, hang dry
* open dimensions: 11.5″ by 8.75″

What is recycled PET?
PET is a type of plastic, usually classified as 1 for recycling purposes, and are used to make bottles for soft drink, juice, water, beer, salad dressing, detergent, etc. Recycled PET is usually from soda or water bottles and the majority of all recycling is done in China. Until the world is plastic free, we need to reuse what we have so plastics doesn’t sit in our landfills.