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Posh Puff is inspired by our three kids and the crazy world that is our life. Being a mom of a child with IBS & lactose intolerance as well as a child with ASD, we tend to focus on natural living and natural foods. Combine that with being a craftaholic mom and you get us. We’re using this blog to share our experiences and this business, Posh Puff, to share what we create or have found.

For 2019, we are continuing with our school garden fundraiser which is taking up most of our back driveway. Then there’s our play house project which now has a platform and is waiting for the actual house structure. And of course, there are talks of letting the kids have their separate rooms which means the parents would move downstairs with some minor renovations and a large amount of cleaning, tidying, organizing and packing. There are plans to do camping and the Westcoast Trail in the summer.

For 2019, Posh Puff will also take on a new direction as our kids are pass the ‘baby/todder’ ages, we’ll soon be discontinuing our baby teething jewelry. Our focus will be more on play and sensory jewelry (more commonly known as chewelry). We’ll still have play tents and may add a few seasonal surprises along the way.

Join us in our adventures, even if it’s just day to day life.

AM’ZEN (our family initials are amazin' lol)


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