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Posh Puff is inspired by three kids who love to play and have fun, all the time! Being the crazy mom, I made a bunch of things for my kids from crochet dolls, costumes, blankets to play tents, and that's not including all the food stuff.

At Posh Puff, we may or may not always have notable experiences, discoveries or adventures but we do love finding few things along the way. This website offers our favourite things that we want to share with you. Some of which we, the collective we, make and others are made by artisans in Canada.  We try to be eco-friendly, so many of our products are upcycled and made with love which defines our criteria for quality.

For 2018, we have already turned our back drive way into a fundraising garden selling potted plants to support our local elementary school. On the build, is a tree house / play house with no tree and raised about 12 feet high. I'm super excited and can't wait for my own private space.... uhmm, I mean a playhouse for the kids to enjoy. Come join us on our journey towards who knows what but it'll be fun.

AZAMEN (our family initials are amazin' lol)


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